35004- NHL Hockey dome ICEBOXX

Select any HNL Team
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Affordable commercial-grade
dome hockey for the home?
What's next—another NHL
expansion team?
One year limited warranty
Electronic and manual scoring system includes:
15 Minute and Free Play games
Time and scoring limits
Reset button
High, low and off volume settings
Re-enforced 12" x 1" deep MDF black marble cabinet structure with:
1" black rod nylon bushings
Puck returns on both ends
Playfield supported by two center beams and on all four sides
Matches finish of SureShot ES soccer
Laminated playfield and graphics protected by a clear acrylic surface
High-performance rod assembly includes:
Gearing system with a 2:1 turning ratio and clutch in an aluminum track
.120 high-tensile steel rods which
are both grounded and plated
Double-wound spirol pins
ABS steel re-enforced men
TPR octagonal sure-grip handles
Solid 4" x 3 1/4" legs with:
Vinyl covering
Adjustable levelers with rubber covers
A hinged and enclosed dome with center serving hole

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