70204 Bullseye Popcorn Tri-pak 4oz 36 pcs

Peanut Free Gluten Free Zero cholesterol Dairy Free No trans fat
Manufacturer: BullseyePopcorn
SKU: 70204
Bullseye Popcorn has been delivering the best popcorn in Canada with ultra-rich buttery falvor for 15 years. Now you'll have the perfect taste like theater popcorn with our Bullseye Popcorn Pre-Pack!
each bag contains the perfect amount of each of the following ingredients: rich butter seasoning salt, coconut oil and premium grains.
Bullseye Popcorn guarantees your complete satisfaction and each bag will deliver the true taste of real rich buttery theater taste every time.
Easy to make with a popcorn maker  kettle or on the stovetop. Cut and pour the whole bag into the kettle and 3-4 minutes later you will have the perfect, rich, buttery popcorn.
Special characteristics of coconut oil:
If the temperature is above 76 degrees, the oil will be liquid.
If the temperature is below 76 degrees, it will become solid.
The trademark Bullseye Popcorn is Canada's best true buttery rich theater taste.

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