10504-Timer Poker Ace PTD (Portable Tournament Director)

Runs of 2 AA batteries / Cutting Edge Software / Easy to use / Controls all aspects of your tournament / Custom setting for blinds, antes, pot size, breaks, re-buys and add-ons
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Take your tournament to the next level. Introducing the Poker Ace Portable Tournament Director Version 2.1. Using the latest technology to create the most powerful, compact, portable timer ever produced. Totally programmable... blinds, round times, antes, number of players, pot pay structure and much much more. Worry about your hand...not the game. Let the Poker Ace be your guide.

No cords to trip over or power outlets needed. Runs on “AA” batteries, which makes it possible to move from table to table with ease. The Poker Ace has 8 pre programmed tournament structures or you can create your own customized setting and save them for future use. Use the Poker Ace’s cutting edge software to come up with the optimal set up, based on your preferences.

The Poker Ace is about the size of a pack of playing cards and fits in most poker chip cases. The display is backlit and easy to read. This is a must have for anyone who hosts home games or tournaments. Setting up the Poker Ace takes just minutes. The Poker Ace is durable, constructed with the latest materials and priced much lower than its direct competitors. Get yours today.

Details on the Poker Ace PTD

*Controls all aspects of your tournament. (Including blinds, antes, pot size, breaks, re-buys and add-ons)

*Runs on 2 ‘AA’ batteries (no cord required) (not included)

*3.5 Inches wide by 2.5 inches tall (fits in your poker chip case)

*2 customizable tournament structures (program and save for next time)

*8 pre-loaded tournament structures (including a “Heads up” and a “Sit and Go” programmed structure)

*Backlit screen with adjustable contrast and brightness

*High quality low glare glass screen

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