31250-TACTEO T50 (Blue & Grey) Tenis Table Rackets

Shock Resistant, waterproof Speed 7/10 Spin 6/10 Control 8/10
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LAUNCHED IN 2005, THE TACTEO IS IMPROVING YEAR ON YEAR TO THE RHYTHM OF OUR INNOVATIONS. CAPABLE OF WITHSTANDING ALL KINDS OF BAD WEATHER, THE 100% FRENCH OUTDOOR BAT BOASTS A NEW, COLOURFUL LOOK, WHICH WILL UNITE YOUNG AND OLD IN THE JOYS OF THE GAME WITH FAMILY. The perfect alliance of technological innovation and design, this composite bat, based on a revolutionary concept, offers unique benefits both in terms of its resistance to shocks and outdoor conditions and comfortable feel

    • Color: Gray and Bleu
    • Spin  6
    • Speed  7
    • Control  8
    • Detail  1 bat
    • Raw  Polymer
    • Concept 1  SKIN +
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